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Consulting With Attorney Charles Johnson

Consulting with Attorney Johnson is recommended for people charged with a crime, because persons accused of crimes will be able to better understand the charges that have been brought against them and what defense are available for those charges. It is a constitutional right for anyone charged with a crime in the United States to have fair and competent legal counsel in a court of law or to have the ability to represent themselves in a court of law, according to the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments.

Attorney Johnson is available 24 hours/day, 365 days/year to take your call. When you call, you will speak with Charles Johnson immediately, no matter what time, day or night. He will make himself available to meet with you for an initial free consultation to discuss your case at a time and date and location that is convenient for you.

Dallas Criminal Defense: The Charles Johnson Law Firm

Anyone that has been charged with a crime should consult the advice and the representation of the Charles Johnson Law Firm to help understand the nature of the charge, what defenses are available for the crime, if plea bargains are available, and what could happen if the defendant is convicted of the crime. Attorney Charles Johnson can also help to identify pretrial issues and bring about important motions either prior to or during the trial that can help to have the charge dismissed or have the charges lessened. Consulting with Attorney Johnson can mean the difference between serving a 20 year jail term and having your case dismissed. The Charles Johnson Law Firm is experienced in defending those charged with a variety of different crimes and studies the ever changing laws. Statistically speaking, over two-thirds of the defendants represented by Charles Johnson over the years have had their cases dismissed.

If You Are Charged with a Felony or Misdemeanor

Waiting to consult a criminal defense attorney until a person is charged with committing a crime can be detrimental to that person’s case. A person suspected of committing a crime, whether or not they actually committed the crime, should consult with the Charles Johnson Law Firm immediately. Immediacy is an important factor when developing a defense to a criminal charge and Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney Charles Johnson will begin working on a defense as soon as possible.

State vs. Federal Crimes

There are differences between being charged with a state criminal offense or a federal criminal offense. Any person charged for a crime should inform Attorney Johnson as to which level crime they have been charged because the defense that the lawyer prepares will be different if the crime is a state level charge or a federal level charge.

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