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Fight Your DWI Arrest

After allegedly failing a breath test or field sobriety testing, a Dallas driver may feel that fighting drunk driving charges is hopeless. This could not be further from the truth. A competent DWI defense lawyer can conduct a complete investigation into every single aspect of a drunk driving case to determine how to build the most effective defense strategy possible. Although you may have been told that you failed a blood test or took a breath test and the result showed .08% or greater (above the legal limit) there are ways that your lawyer can challenge your charges nevertheless.

The first step to take to fight your Dallas drunk driving case is to contact an attorney. At the Charles Johnson Law Firm, we offer a confidential consultation to talk about your case and how we can approach your DWI defense. With our experience in this particular field and our dedication to protecting our clients’ rights, we are confident that we can approach the matter swiftly and effectively.

Dallas DWI Defense: The Charles Johnson Law Firm

There are different methods your lawyer may employ in challenging drunk driving allegations. Generally, a defense will target one or more particular violations of procedure or of a defendant’s rights. For example, the defendant may have been unlawfully stopped by law enforcement or may have been arrested without the officer establishing probable cause. A breath test may have been administered by an individual untrained in these particular tests. A blood sample may have been mishandled. These are all examples of circumstances that may offer Attorney Charles Johnson the opportunity to effectively challenge your charges.

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