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Habitual Offenders

Finding yourself in trouble with the law and having earlier convictions on your record can result in being charged as a habitual offender. In the state of Texas, people who commit crimes and are convicted are punished severely.  State law is set up to incarcerate habitual offenders in an effort to protect the community.  If you have been accused of committing a crime and have been convicted more than once, in addition to being charged as a habitual offender if the crime is a felony offense and qualifies under the three strikes law you can receive a “strike” on your record. Not only can this double your sentence but it can put you in prison for life.  If you are in this situation, it is crucial that you contact a Dallas, Texas criminal defense attorney quickly.  We strongly advise you not to take chances with such a charge.  Your future is at stake and you need a high-quality, powerful criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Dallas Habitual Offenders Defense: The Charles Johnson Law Firm

At the Charles Johnson Law Firm in Dallas, Texas, we aggressively protect our clients’ rights in order to seek the best possible outcome in any habitual offender case. We will make every attempt to have the charges against you dismissed, or if sentencing cannot be avoided, reduce penalties through skilled negotiation with the prosecutor.

At our firm, our team uses our skill and knowledge of the criminal court system to protect our clients' futures. We are dedicated to fighting to improve the chances of a good outcome in your case. 

In addition to being labeled as a habitual offender, you can also be labeled as a habitual traffic offender if you have three major traffic violations or 15 convictions for moving violations over the course of five years. If this happens, your driver’s license can be suspended for up to five years. If you are notified by the DPS (Department of Public Safety) that you are a habitual traffic offender please contact our firm immediately to review your case. We can provide you with a skilled defense regardless of your situation. Contact us today to speak with Attorney Charles Johnson about your habitual offender case. 

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