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In criminal court, the defendant might go through a bail hearing and/or an a first appearance or initial appearance hearing. The final hearing in a criminal court matter is the sentencing hearing.

Bail hearing

During a bail hearing, the judge decides if the person accused of a crime should be released back into the community or if money should be paid guaranteeing he or she will appear for further court dates. If bail is ordered by the judge, the accused person must pay 10 percent of that amount to a bail bondsman who assures the court of return appearances. If the person does not show up, he or she is liable for the full amount of bail.

First appearance hearing

During the first appearance, the person is brought before the court and everyone hears the details of the charges. The court decides if the person is fit to stand trial and may assign a lawyer to the person at this time. Also at this time, the defendant decides if there will be a jury trial or if the case will be heard only by a judge and the person may plead innocent or guilty. If the accused person pleads innocent, the court will schedule an omnibus hearing.

Sentencing hearing

At this time, the defendant has been convicted of the crime and now learns what punishments and penalties will be imposed.

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