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Theft, Burglary & Robbery

Theft/larceny is typically defined as the taking of almost anything of value without the consent of the owner, with the intent to permanently deprive him or her of the value of the property taken. Most states recognize degrees of theft, such as "grand" or "petty," which usually relate to the value of the property taken.

Burglary is typically defined as the unlawful entry into almost any structure (not just a home or business) with the intent to commit any crime inside (not just theft/larceny). No physical breaking and entering is required; the offender may simply trespass through an open door. Unlike robbery, which involves use of force or fear to obtain another person's property, there is usually no victim present during a burglary.

Many states define robbery as theft/larceny of property or money through the offender's use of physical force or fear against a victim. Where a deadly weapon such as a gun is used or the victim suffers injury, the robbery may be charged as "armed" or "aggravated." Unlike burglary, the crime of robbery almost always requires the presence of a victim who suffers actual injury, or is threatened with harm.

Dallas Theft, Burglary & Robbery Defense:
The Charles Johnson Law Firm

There are few crimes that look worse on an employment application than theft. In addition to seeking an acquittal or dismissal of charges on your behalf, an experienced criminal defense attorney can pursue a number of additional remedies including a continuance for dismissal or plea to a lesser offense to avoid that result.

If you have been arrested for shoplifting, theft, robbery, burglary or another theft related offense, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney who can advise you of your rights and seek a positive result in your case.

I handle all theft-related offenses, including:

  • Shoplifting
  • Receiving stolen property
  • Auto theft
  • Employee theft
  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Armed robbery

If you have been charged with burglary or robbery, you may very well be facing the possibility of significant prison time. As an experienced negotiator and trial lawyer, I can provide a vigorous defense on your behalf.

Is Eyewitness Testimony Reliable?

The prosecution of theft, burglary, or robbery cases often depends on accurate, verifiable eyewitness identification of the perpetrator. The state has the burden of proof when criminal charges are brought against individuals or organizations. The Charles Johnson Law Firm stands steadfastly behind the rights of the accused. Contact Attorney Charles Johnson to schedule a consultation when facing accusations of petty theft, theft by swindle, grand theft auto, armed robbery, or any criminal charge related to property.

My years of experience as an Criminal Defense Attorney has taught me that eyewitness testimony is often shown to be unreliable. Traditionally, police, the public, and the courts value the word of eyewitnesses. However, among the ethnically diverse population of Dallas, it is significant that the inaccuracies that often occur in the context of cross-racial identification may indicate misidentification of thieves by eyewitnesses in many instances.

Forensic Evidence as Defense

The Charles Johnson Law Firm bases our criminal defense, including defense of those accused of theft, burglary, or robbery, on all available forensic evidence - eyewitness testimony, polygraph tests, DNA evidence, or any other type of evidence gathered through a detailed investigation into each case.

Dallas Theft, Burglary & Robbery Defense:
The Charles Johnson Law Firm

When representing clients charged with theft, burglary, robbery, shoplifting, larceny, and other property crimes, we investigate the facts and the evidence, negotiate with law enforcement and the court for dismissal or reduction of charges, and when necessary to obtain a favorable result, aggressively defend them at trial and on appeal.

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